What the….!???

“What the….!???” is the declamation I frequently utter when I come across certain scenes in my daily passages around and about Petaluma.  Those familiar with my postings over the years will expect another round of graffiti and trash photos. Fortunately, that will not be the case today.  I have mostly evolved from such urban documentation. 

“What the….!???” #1

First, I offer this photo from Lucchesi Park (a locale that has served up many interesting photo ops over the years) for your consideration…

Lucchesi Table Lamp © Frank Simpson

How did the lamp come to take up residence on a picnic table in the park?

Was it there to illuminate a nighttime game of frisbee?

Was it an example of buyer’s remorse after a nearby garage sale?

“What the….!???” #2

Next, I offer a “What the….!???”  scene from our front yard. 

A little background will be helpful in understanding the following photos.  For thirty years or more there was a large cypress evergreen at the end of the driveway.  As time would have it, it grew larger and taller, increasingly blocking the view of the street when backing out of the garage.  Pruning helped reduce the hazard over the years.  However, it finally became necessary to have it removed. 

In our ‘Hood, the vegetation near the sidewalk often serves as trash receptacles for pedestrians.  Cypress evergreens are particularly useful as trash cans as you can insert something through the branches and the item(s) will disappear and be secured by the inner branches. From time to time, I would spot an empty beer can or soft drink bottle while pruning  and remove it.  Given the tight weave of the inner branches, I did not venture very deep inside the tree during my pruning.

Last week a crew came to remove the cypress.  In the progress of their work, they discovered a large “What the….!???”  deep inside the branches…

Yup! A fly swatter!

It had been there for…who knows how many years.

Other items embedded in the tree included a tennis ball, coffee cup, and, of course, an aluminum can…

© Frank Simpson

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The Eleventh Hour…The Eleventh Day…11 11 11

Veterans Day! 

Formerly known as Armistice Day when World War I hostilities ceased on the

Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month

Veterans Day this year is a numerology special…11-11-11. In honor of the day, I offer a photo, made on November 4, 2011, which I call The State of the Union

101 E Washington Exit Southbound

The caption describes the physical location of the flag…placed there by….Who knows? It is a site where you can often spot homeless people.

Perhaps a homeless veteran planted the flag between the freeway sign and the sign post.

Such is the ambiguous nature of our times. 

On a lighter note, there are 11 new photos on THE PETALUMA SPECTATOR PHOTO BLOG. I have selected 3 of them (numerologists should have fun with this choice) for an identification challenge in support of some of our local NGO’s, the library, and the Animal Shelter.  For more information as to the rules of the challenge, go to 11 Photos for 11 11 11 Plus A Challenge