Petaluma’s Trestle Restoration…In need of a cosmetic cover?

I have, for the most part, overlooked subjects that formed the basis of many a blog post here and elsewhere in the past. 

Sometimes, however, there are scenes that cannot be ignored and require further exploration.

Consider these photos from a walk after lunch Downtown on October 11, 2011…

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I am assuming that the area is in full compliance with local codes to prevent people from venturing out on the trestle.

Until the project moves forward, perhaps the general appearance in the area could be improved by the application of a tarp or new plywood to cover up the gaping holes.


Petaluma Photos 2011

2011, in many respects, is a year I would like to forget on so many levels. To facilitate the departure of 2011, I am releasing my annual photo series now.

Unlike previous years, there are two albums or slideshows, presenting, perhaps, two distinct sides of the same coin.

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