Help! I Cain’t Find Kentuky Street

Hugh Laurie at the Screen Actors Guild.

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In  Signs…On, Of & From The Road I drew attention to Hugh’s upcoming Antique Faire in Petaluma.

Hugh is having an Antique Faire In Petaluma? Hugh Who? Hugh Laurie? (See next photo)

I have been up half the night  trying to find Petaluma’s “Kentuky” street using all the resources of the Internet.

Alas, I failed.

There ain’t no “Kentuky” street in Petaluma. I’ll miss the opportunity to see Hugh Laurie… 



2 thoughts on “Help! I Cain’t Find Kentuky Street

  1. Thank you for the laugh Frank! It’s interesting that one or two letters in the wrong place can be cause for such intregue and humor! I too wish Hugh was in town, but I think it might take a little more than a mispelling!

    • I’m glad everyone sees the “humour” in all this. These days we need all the diversion we can muster!

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