Signs…On, Of & From The Road

Lately I have been engaged in organizing my photo archives…trying to inject some order in the 26,000 photos (plus or minus) in the current inventory. It is a bit of a diversion from my ongoing “Faces & Profiles” photo project.

In going through the files, I took note of some of the unusual signs we photographed as we traveled around the country by motorcycle or van.  The technical quality is not always the best as many were shot through windshields or from the back of a motorcycle. I have selected a few from past trips as well as from recent adventures about town for your amusement.

Before turning you over to the slideshow, I want to take a moment to remind you of Hugh’s Antique Faire in downtown Petaluma…

Hugh is having an Antique Faire In Petaluma? Hugh Who? Hugh Laurie? (See next photo)


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Diving from Petaluma's Balshaw Bridge is prohibited! Really? Did somebody actually try to do it?