Farewell to Borders… :-(

I shall miss you!

Over the years we made it a habit to “check out things” at the three Borders stores within driving distance.  Frequently, whole day trips were planned around the Borders experience, including dining and other activities. You never knew who you might see in a Borders store–Joe Montana was a “celeb” I once spotted.  In another instance, I was browsing through several movies and  briefly engaged in a conversation with another man at my side about the films before us. Towards the end of the conversation I realized it was George Lucas.

I do not wish to engage in the debate about mega stores versus independents. I do note, however, a certain irony in the fact that a fictional mega store (Fox Books) was the backdrop for the 1998 movie You’ve Got Mail. While the megastore and romance triumphed in the film, today’s reality and shifting consumer habits in 2011 tell the rest of the story…

Inside, customers are taking advantage of the sales, forming long lines at the check out…



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