Thirty-Five Years Ago Today…

…a certain couple from Illinois got married…on their motorcycle…on a bluff above the Illinois River…

Nobody was advised of the wedding beforehand, although the couple mailed announcements to family and friends before venturing out onto the highways and byways of America and Canada…

There was another couple on the trip, Curt & Cheri Welty, who only learned of the marriage at the first gas stop…

Today, Curt and Cheri live in Buena Vista, Colorado and look exactly the same as they did 35 years ago.  The newlyweds are now living in Petaluma, California.  They too, look exactly the same.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary, Petaluma’s Bovine Bakery produced and presented a cake suited to the occasion…

And yes, this post is an exercise in personal privilege.  Happy Anniversary, Barbara!!

And thanks to the Bovine Bakery for the beautiful cake!!!


10 thoughts on “Thirty-Five Years Ago Today…

  1. Happy Anniversary Frank and Barbara, what a wonderful tribute to 35 years. The only difference now are the outfits! What a fantastic way to have started your life together. Love and best wishes for many more adventures

  2. Happy Anniversary you two!!! Time flies when you are having fun. Have a piece of that yummy looking cake for me! P.S. Is that the bike you dumped once or was it a different one?

    • It was another one…about 10 years later. Fortunately, Barb wasn’t with me at the time!

  3. what a splendid story and great reminder of the necessary ingredients for a long and happy marriage: a spirit of adventure, holding on tight and close, using your balance, trying a new route, and delicious cake!!! honoring you both, nina

  4. Happy Anniversary and what a great photo story. So glad you choose the different path. Susan Kirks

  5. Happy Anniversary Frank and Barbara. I love the story – love is an adventure. Happy for you both!

  6. those kids look familiar. was the guy 32 years old? another guy born in the same hospital in Peoria several months earlier will be celebrating the 43rd anniversary this year….or is it the 42nd?…or the 44th?…hell to get old, right Frank? but at least ya do it together. Illinois is a good state to be from…far from.

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  8. Fun! Suspect you two are still having a good time — carry on!

    Much love to both of you,

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