Lucchesi…Free Flicks In The Park!

Watching a movie as a family is almost a quaint experience these days with the proliferation of devices (computers, laptops, mobile devices, ipods, ipads) making it possible for a family of four to sit in the same room with each family member watching a different program or movie or catching up on their Facebook and Twitter pages. 

I think of it as the Alone Together Family. 

However, there is another option… 

In the spirit of Everything Old is New Again, the tradition of outdoor family entertainment movies resumes on June 10th at Lucchesi Park. It is scheduled to run every Friday through August 26, 2011

Produced by Movies in the Park and the City of Petaluma Parks & Recreation Department, this program does not use any City funds but instead is supported by sponsor money and the volunteer efforts of several people including employees of Parks & Rec. They hope to present twelve “movie events” through August 26, 2011. 

I would like to feature two of the many people who make it happen…

First, John Storck who is the prime producer of the weekly event…a man whose contacts in the film industry plus his experience as a cinematographer and commercial audio video designer and installer make him the perfect candidate for this project…

Photo courtesy of John Storck

It is obvious that the digital projector John is leaning on is a tad larger than a home unit!

The second person I would like to feature is…but of course, none other than…Jan Mandrell of Parks & Rec…

The festivities start at 6:30 pm with children’s activities, a raffle (with some serious prizes) and, of course food and drink vendors. All you have to do is show up–there is no admission charge. Last year they drew 12,000 people (an average of 1,000 people per movie) and expect the same this year.  Jan advises that people really get into the spirit of the event, bringing blankets, lawn chairs and some even have inflatable furniture.

For more information about the movie program or to become a sponsor, call John Storck at 888-0326 or Jan Mandrell at 778-4383.

Also see Popcorn & Movies at Lucchesi for additional photos and information!


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  1. Will be combining my comments — long day, I’m tired…

    Hooray for volunteers! After three years, Look! It’s My Book! has distributed 27,000 books to K thru 4th graders in Peoria.

    Re the “free movies” — I remember the fun, don’t remember the mosquitos or buffalo gnats that bother us today.

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