Legal & Personal Dangers–The Internet & New Media World…A Coda

In this post, I offer several items for your consideration:

  • An article by Bill Keller in the New York Times Magazine.  Mr. Keller is quite a bit younger than yours truly, but he definitely hits the mark in The Twitter Trap . The sub-heading gives you a sense of the article: ” What thinking in 140 characters does to our brains.”
  • An update on Your Internet Posts Can Get You Sued For Defamation…or worse! is also in order. One of the stories covered in that post involved the Cleveland Plain Dealer and a judge. Briefly, there was a question of certain anonymous online posts on the newspaper’s web site that were alleged to have originated from the courthouse.  The newspaper decided to break the story and revealed the courthouse internet connection as the source.  The judge was removed from hearing the case in question due to the appearance of impropriety. However, the judge sued the newspaper alleging defamation and breach of the newspaper’s confidentiality agreement for commenters.  The suit was recently settled without going to trial and without disclosure of the rationale for the settlement.

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In closing…

There are many positive aspects of the new media world  but it is also adversely affecting many cultural norms of behavior.  Of course this is simply my opinion–an opinion based on the fact that I am 66 years old, out of date, and basically irrelevant.  Personally, this is not a bad state of affairs–in fact, I have been secretly working on achieving this status for quite some time…and intend to take full advantage of it.


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