Petaluma’s Salute To American Graffiti 2011

It was that time of year again last weekend when Petaluma reverted back to the early 60’s, at least in an automotive sense. Saturday might have been the end of the world for some; however, in Petaluma we simply stepped back in time for a day or so for the “Salute to American Graffiti.”

By way of background, Petaluma was the locale for the filming of George Lucas’ American Graffiti in 1972. The annual celebration of the movie by car buffs started six years ago and has turned into quite an event.  For two days the streets were filled with period cars. 

As one who “was of the period” covered in the movie, I was reminded of how different the cars sounded in “olden” times.  Hearing several large V-8’s starting up and driving away reminded me of a line from a song: “Listen to the jingle the rumble and the roar.” (Wabash Cannon Ball)

One other item from my memory banks–I don’t recall (back in the day) the cars looking as good as they do now.

In any event, nostalgia aside,I attempted to capture some of the activities with my cameras…


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  3. Thanks Frank. You included a photo of the first new car I ever owned [with the help of financing from my in-laws]. It was a 1955 Ford Fairlane. We drove from Chicago to LA, and had to stop at a number of Ford dealerships on the way because of a very noisy tappet. Each time it was adjusted and quiet for a time, and then the banging began. Finally, after the fifth stop at a dealership, some smart mechanic figured out the the tappet hadn’t been tempered properly at the factory. He replaced the tappet, and I never had that problem again.

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