Petaluma’s 4th of July…Behind the scenes with Jan Mandrell

On May 16, 2011, the City Council issued proclamations expressing appreciation to four major contributors who helped complete the funding requirements for this year’s July 4th celebration…

(Upper Left: Bill White, Basin Street Properties; Upper Right: Mitch Lind, Jerico Products; Lower Left: Mark Ferguson, Petaluma Kiwanis; Lower Right: Steve McCaffrey, Petaluma Refuse & Recycling)

The combined contributions from individuals, other businesses, and the donors above were sufficent to proceed with the show as in past years. 

But let’s go back a few months. 

Take note of the person who appears in the extreme right of each photo in the above collage–Jan Mandrell, Recreation Supervisor, Parks & Recreation.

One of Jan’s many responsibilities is Petaluma’s annual July 4th celebration. In carrying out this task, she must plan, organize, manage, negotiate, educate, communicate, and secure funding for the event. Sub tasks include negotiating with all vendors and fireworks show personnel, securing all required permits, and arranging for the necessary public safety support for the show. 

Preparation begins as early as January, if not the preceding December.  It is no secret that money is very tight this year and securing contributions was a challenge.  In addition to seeking support from the business community, Jan also ran a Buy A Star–Be A Star campaign to encourage contributions.

When I checked in with Jan on March 2, it was nip & tuck whether they were going to be able to have a show as planned. By March 17 they were getting close to goal but they were still short.

But Jan was still plugging away…

 The last frame in the collage bears repeating…

Jan’s hard work and the support of the community paid off…and it is more than evident in her face before the start of the Council meeting on May 16…

NOTE: Click on the collages and photo for a larger view. 


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