Petaluma’s Plazarama…Car show!

Antique and period car shows are a delight for camera enthusiasts such as myself. The annual Plazarama Car Show in Petaluma is no exception. 

A brief glimpse of what was on display on Saturday…

By the bye, the couple standing in front of their 1961 Ford police car (Recall the movie, American Graffiti and the police car that lost its rear axle.) are Joetta & John Furrer. They are with Crusin’ The Boulevard, sponsors of the upcoming celebration of the movie made here in Petaluma.  “Where were you in 1962?”

Yes, I also know the people who own the T-Bird. I am hoping to do a photo feature on both cars (and their owners) in a few weeks.

For the moment, you may find these additional photos of the Plazarama Car Show of interest>>  Cars…Chrome…Symbols Of Our Past