Falcons…Hawks in Petaluma?


While walking along McDowell by the hospital, I noticed a bird swiftly fly out of the field across from McDowell and Professional Drive and land on a street lamp by the field. It did not look like one of the numerous crows and clearly it was not a sea gull. I turned on the camera, zoomed to the max, and caught the following series of a falcon (hawk?) having breakfast. Look carefully under the right foot.


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  Enhanced Photo To Highlight The Markings

Feel free to jump in with your opinion as to its identity!


4 thoughts on “Falcons…Hawks in Petaluma?

  1. My guess is a Red-shouldered Hawk. It is here year-round.
    Several years ago I was visiting with a neighbor in my back yard when a red-tailed hawk swooped down on a bird, landed in my yard, and proceeded to eat it in front of us. Quite unusual.
    Hawks are a common sight on telephone poles along our highways. A good spot to look for prey.

  2. I think possibly a Red-shoulder hawk, or a Cooper Hawk. Has anyone, besides me seen the Red Footed Falcon there? I have seen an adult male. It looks like a large crow in color, although a bit bluish, prey beak, and bright red legs. The color of the legs is a stunner.

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