RTP In Action…Rebuilding Together Petaluma

In Rebuilding Together…Behind The Scenes In Petaluma, I attempted to portray the work leading up to the annual rebuilding day in April.

On April 9, 2011, 440 RTP volunteers spread out across the community to help repair 13 homes and to build two pocket parks on the Petaluma River.  Included in the 440 volunteers were six photographers. For some reason, they included me in the six and assigned me to two homes. What follows is my attempt to capture the activity and spirit of the day at these two locations.


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Rebuilding Together Petaluma (RTP)

From the RTP Website…

“Rebuilding Together Petaluma is a local non-profit volunteer organization that provides home modification and repair services free of charge to individuals and organizations in our community who are in need of some helping hands.”

“Homeowners who are low-income, particularly elderly, disabled and/or families with children are eligible for our services. Non-profit organizations may also apply for repairs for their facilities.”


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