Petaluma Mushroom Power!

The growth of mushrooms of varying types is not an unusual phenomenon in Northern California this time of year.  They present themselves in many sizes, shapes and colors. 

Late this afternoon, I noticed that they also have a certain amount of…shall we say…force…a power to be reckoned with?

In the backyard there is a large heavy metal ornamental that has been standing there for years…through wind, rain, hail, and even snow one year… 

But now it was on its side!  The place where it had been standing was raised up and…

Well, see for yourself…

Don’t Mess With These Mushrooms!

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2 thoughts on “Petaluma Mushroom Power!

  1. Frank That is truly remarkable. We have witnessed Nature’s power on a grand scale recently, but this local demonstration of power is also quite aamazing.

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