Petaluma July 4th Fireworks—Last Show?

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On March 17, 2011, I reported on the shortfall in monies for the upcoming July 4th celebration and fireworks show:

“According to Jan Mandrell of Parks & Rec: “Normally we shoot a $25,000 show. Without another $6,000 and we will only get a $20,000 show…(that) makes a big difference in the quality of the show and the size of the BANG for YOUR Buck!” In addition, Jan points out that unless they make the $6000 shortfall, there will be no entertainment and ”Children’s activities will be streamlined.”

As of this morning, March 28, 2011, they are still $5000 short. 

The good news is that the show will go on, albeit it will most likely be a smaller show and celebration unless the shortfall is made up quickly.  I suspect that this will be difficult if not impossible to achieve.

At least there will be a show thanks to the heroic efforts of Jan Mandrell of Parks & Rec and the assistance and support of the local Kiwanis Club. In these difficult economic times a special thanks goes out to the corporate and individual donors who managed to find the money to make a show possible.

Looking into the tea leaves of the future, it may be time to consider that the show this year should be the last. 

  • Raising money this year was understandably difficult and I see no reason why it will be easier next year.  Most likely it will be even harder.
  • Given the increasing pressures on City Staff to do more with less, and most likely to do even more with even less in 2012, I seriously doubt that they can continue (should continue?) to provide organizational and administrative support after this year.

Something to think about…


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