Fireworks Show Saved???

The article in this morning’s Argus (Click Here) reported that the July 4th Fireworks show has been saved.  

However, as they are still $6000 short in donations, the show will not be as large as in the past unless they can make it up in the next week.

Certainly, the fund raising effort has brought the project to the point where there will be a show…

According to Jan Mandrell of Parks & Rec: “Normally we shoot a $25,000 show. Without another $6,000 and we will only get a $20,000 show…(that) makes a big difference in the quality of the show and the size of the BANG for YOUR Buck!” In addition, Jan points out that unless they make the $6000 shortfall, there will be no entertainment and “Children’s activities will be streamlined.”

In short, they are still seeking donations in any amount to meet the goal!

Anyone interested in contributing should make a check out to “City of Petaluma, Fireworks” and send it to Jan Mandrell, 320 N. McDowell Blvd., Petaluma 94954. You can also donate by calling 707-778-4380 or in person at the Petaluma Community Center. The City has also set up a link on its web page (Click Here) if you want to contribute online.  Simply click on the link and scroll down to Donations. You will need to create an account if you do not already have one.

Donations may be as little as a $1 and will buy a Star to be posted on the wall.

In closing, a special thanks to these contributors…


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  1. Frank I looked for your name on one of the stars, but sadly, I did not find it. Can we count on you to make a contribution?

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