Shoeless in Petaluma…?

…or barefoot in P-Town?

One almost expects to see people walking around in their socks or barefoot given the number of shoes hanging from the utility wires around our fair city. For example…

2nd Street has a nice assortment of shoes…

The popular term for this method of displaying shoes is “shoefiti”–as you know, there is a word for everything these days. The significance of shoefiti is the subject of much debate, which I will not explore. Suffice it to say that many of the “explanations” are simply fanciful urban myths. Check out Cecil Adams or the Wikipedia links for more…

However–there is always an “however”–can Petaluma shoefiti be turned into an opportunity!

What if an enterprising group of boosters set up a committee to organize a yearly shoefiti contest? Perhaps the event could be combined with one of the other annual celebratory events around town. Imagine blocking off several streets for the Annual Petaluma Shoefiti Contest. It could fill the void created by the loss of the wrist wrestling contest to Reno.

NOTE: Many of the shoes appear to be in good to excellent condition. So….if you see a pair that looks to be your size…

Nah…I would not try it if I were you.


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