Peet’s Coffee Hound(s)…Ah…I Mean Horse(s)?

Over the years I have had the pleasure of photographing some unique scenes around Peet’s Coffee and Noah’s Bagels on the East Side.  For example, Murphy & Max and Ginger & Bronx.

On March 4, Saturday afternoon, I came across this vision outside Peet’s…

“Whoa!” I said when I spotted the horses. Was this the first evidence of a rebellion against $4 gasoline? Camera in hand, I checked it out. 

The explanation, while straightforward, was still uniquely Petaluman. The man on horseback is Baden Whitehead, a man who has been on a Horseback Odyssey across the United States.  He has been in the area since last summer generating articles in the Press Democrat and The Argus Courier. See A real horseman rides into Petaluma and A Life in the Saddle. Baden also has a blog site, From the Hoof, where you can read about his adventures.

So what was he doing at Peet’s? He just rode in for a cup of coffee.  His riding companion was Laurie Osborne of Sonoma County Reptile Rescue

As an aside, this was the second time I saw Baden at Peet’s.  The first time was few days before when he rode in and tied his horse up to the bicycle rack outside Peet’s. I did not have a camera with me at the time–trust me, I beat myself up over that mistake BIG time. However, the Photography Gods smiled on me and presented another opportunity–“Frank, will you be ready to photograph two horses if we give you another chance?”

In closing, Happy Trails to Baden as he rides around Petaluma…

NOTE: Be sure and check out the links in the story to get a fuller background. The photos in this post may be enlarged by clicking on them.


6 thoughts on “Peet’s Coffee Hound(s)…Ah…I Mean Horse(s)?

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  2. Thank you Frank! We spotted the gentleman riding down E. Wasington. I tried to explain it to my wife, she didn’t understand. She does NOW!

  3. Thank you for a great write-up Frank.

    For anyone that may be interested; I will do horse rides for birthday parties, weddings, well heck for pretty much any reason.
    Give me a call at 970-620-3368

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