The Petaluma Mystery Sculpture(s)

In Petaluma Photo Musings…I raised a question as to the identity and origins of the metal ornamentals atop certain street poles downtown.

For a time, I thought they might be a new kind of Wi-Fi or cell phone antenna.

Several and repeated inquiries produced no answers. No one seemed to know; therefore, I considered the usual names for unidentified objects…

  • Petaluma Thingy
  • Theatre District Thingamabob
  • Downtown Doo-hickey
  • Butter & Eggs Thingamajig

But such pedestrian names are not sufficient for this unique downtown decoration…

I was perplexed! How will I identify it? Frankly, I was about ready to abandon the project until…I received an e-mail that, as it turns out, offered a most likely explanation: “The ‘sculptures’ are cleverly disguised antennae put up by me to connect to the Mothership.”

Is it possible?  Could it be?

Well, when I went to examine them again…sure enuf! OMG!

Case closed! Mystery Solved!

READER NOTE– For a corollary or companion set of photo musings also see Ski Petaluma!


3 thoughts on “The Petaluma Mystery Sculpture(s)

  1. Yes Frank, they are coming for you. Ha Ha Ha!
    You’re getting creative in your photography…lookin’ good!

    • My companions, R2-D2, C3-PO and ET sincerely appreciate your praise. Now will someone please beam me back down! Scotty! Scotty?? Scotty!!??

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