Petaluma Photo Musings…

A random set of recent photos that inspired a question and three observations…

What is this?

Please note the metal sculpture on top of the sign. I have spotted two–one on Kentucky Street and one in the Theatre District.  I have some close-ups in excellent lighting but would like to correctly identify the sculpture before publishing them.  If anyone knows the background behind these ornamentals, please post a comment or send an e-mail to 

Remember, when  pruning trees…

…take care where you park your car!

Lost & Found Department–A bush in the side yard.

  After three days it was retrieved…by someone.

A sign in Sonoma introduced me to a new word…


Pronunciation can be tricky…and potentially embarrasing. So here is a guide– arti·san·al.


5 thoughts on “Petaluma Photo Musings…

  1. Thank you for introducing the word “artisanal”. Now tell us what it means specifically when applied to wines. I know, I should look it up, but I’m lazy and would prefer the meaning come from you.

  2. I am not sure it is a “real” word but there seems to be some consensus that it means hand made, small quantities, etc. Hand crafted, etc. Again one has to use some care in pronouncing it. 🙂

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  4. I’m sitting here by myself saying artisanal out loud with the accent on the first syllable, much easier to accent the second syllable; however it is in the dictionery. Was introduced to two new words last weekend — nattering and quartile. Assumed the latter was officespeak for quarter, but also found it in the dictionery Cannot find nattering however.

    Re the “shoefiti”…I first saw it in the Dominican Republic, am now seeing it in this small town in Illinois, still haven’t heard an explanation.

    Re “grumpy old man”…must admit this older woman is not as patient these days, easier to upset; have you seen the movie?

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