This Valentine’s Day…Buy Local!

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As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, it is, of course, time to go shopping for the perfect Valentine.  Today, we are encouraged to Buy Local.

Always willing to support a good cause, I reflected on the Buy Local concept yesterday as I prepared to venture out to find the perfect gift…locally.


I showered, using a low flow shower head (Made in China)

I brushed my teeth using an electric toothbrush (Made in China)

I shaved with an electric razor (Made in China)

Next, I put on…

  • Clean underwear (Made in Honduras)
  • Clean Shirt (Made in India)
  • Pants (Made in Vietnam)
  • Shoes (Made in China)
  • My wristwatch (Made in China)
  • My glasses (Made in China) and
  • My jacket (Made in China)

In the kitchen, I made breakfast using my…

  • Coffee Pot (Made in China)
  • Toaster (Made in China) and 
  • Took my prescription drugs (Made in Singapore and Israel) 

Before leaving the house…

I checked the e-mail on the computer (Made in China) and the weather on my widescreen TV (Made in Japan).

Then, I…

  • Turned on my cellphone (Made in China)
  • Picked up my cameras (Made in China and Malaysia)
  • Went to the garage and decided to use the car (Made in Japan) instead of the bicycle (Made in China) So how did I do?

It was a very good day. When I got home there was a message on my answering machine (Made in China)! I was pleased to learn that the dental crown (from the laboratory in China) came in sooner than expected.  Good news indeed!

And…I can proudly report that my Buy Local trip produced the perfect Valentine’s Day gift (Made in…..)Sad smileWilted rose

I celebrated by watching a DVD (Made in Mexico) on my DVD player (Made in China).…Get Out There & Buy Local Every Day!


5 thoughts on “This Valentine’s Day…Buy Local!

  1. Frank How about some ducks shot in Marin, pheasants shot in Sonoma, or salmon and halibut caught in Alaska? That should suit you, and the pheasants are only 10 miles from Petaluma! 🙂

    • I will leave the fowl to others. As to the fish–Only if you can assure me that the fishing line was made in the USA! 😉

  2. Good grief!

    Well you could start out with a cup of freshly ground coffee at Petaluma Coffee & Tea on 2nd st (I know they don’t grow it but they do roast and grind it), accompanied by a special, exceptionally yummy Mr Snows brownie (the best ever and in heart shapes ta-boot!) made right here on Petaluma Blvd S.
    Lunch time you could have a pint of Red Rooster Ale (made right on here too) at Dempsey s, with a fresh salad more than likely grown at the Petaluma Bounty right there on Petaluma Blvd N.
    If your still a little peckish later, how about snacking on Della Fattoria Meyer Lemon Rosemary bread with a chunk of organic Jersey Cheddar from Spring Hill (Petaluma Creamery) to go with your wine (thanks Frances) oh and then maybe followed with a nice glass of port (Aris or Deco) from Sonoma Valley Portworks at Foundry Wharf!
    Sounds like a great Valentines day to me – and all Petaluma 🙂

    • All excellent suggestions–Buy Local & Made Local. My solution (in reality) for Vealentine’s Day is to go to a certain newly opened bakery on Kentucky Street and pick up my order. Made Local & Bought local.

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