Petaluma’s Bovine Bakery–Meet the Artist!

One of the unexpected consequences of my Bovine Bakery Mural photographs in early January was a series of articles. See Bovine Bakery Those articles presented an opportunity to meet Kristy Arroyo, the artist who painted the mural.

Kristy was inspired to paint the mural after seeing the large blank wall over the counter.  Being an artist, an art teacher, and a baker at the Bovine Bakery in Point Reyes, she was the right person for the challenge. She conceived the general outline of the mural using 14 photographs of various scenes on West County roads between Petaluma & Point Reyes as her guide.  Given the height of the wall, she had to work from a scaffolding and, despite not being all that comfortable with heights, completed the mural in 30 hours.

By the way, this was her first mural.

So without any further delay, may I introduce the artist…

Supposedly, every artist leaves their mark in their work, if not a bit of themselves.  I recently acquired a special lens that allows the camera to see if this is true…

For an article by Frances Rivetti of West Petaluma Living  describing the background and future plans of the Bovine Bakery see Morning Glory–A New Day at Petaluma’s Bovine Bakery


14 thoughts on “Petaluma’s Bovine Bakery–Meet the Artist!

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  3. Wonderful! Suspect work that professional would have taken longer if Kristy hadn’t been nervous of heights!

  4. That is really awesome!!! We’ll be sure to see it live as soon as possible. Keep the art coming Sis’ and brighten the world.

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