Bovine Bakery–Behind the Counter Scenes

In Bovine Bakery…Pie in the Sky? I reported on the mural above the display case. This article will attempt to take you on a photographic tour behind the counter to see what is involved as the bakery prepares for the day.   

In order to fill the empty display case, work begins early–in this case 2:30 am–and continues throughout the day. Now I will admit that I did not make the start time, but I did make 5:45 am, which was early enough for me! 

I have had some experience photographing people working at various community events, such as those sponsored by Rebuilding Together Petaluma. Working inside the close quarters of a bakery kitchen was quite a different challenge in that I had to balance the desire to get a photo against the need to not get in the way. Fortunately, I am still somewhat nimble!

Thanks again to Bridget Devlin and the staff of the Bovine Bakery for this opportunity. 

Please Note: Individual photos may be viewed in higher resolution by clicking on them. I have also included a slideshow at the end.

And now, it is time for your tour.


From the kitchen to the display case…

Time to open…

For an article by Frances Rivetti of West Petaluma Living  describing the background and future plans of the Bovine Bakery see Morning Glory–A New Day at Petaluma’s Bovine Bakery


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5 thoughts on “Bovine Bakery–Behind the Counter Scenes

  1. Great job, Frank! I can taste the sticky buns and the plump oatmeal cookies as I write. And don’t forget the snickerdoodle cookies. I must make it a point to get to the Bovine Bakery SOON! Yumm!

  2. Better watch out Frank….your photography is becoming excellent and composition is outstanding. You could be developing a wonderful skill. Oh, My!

    Darned straight…I’ll be stoppin’ in!

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