Wanna Bag For That Receipt?

“Enviros” and others concerned with the amount of waste we generate as we participate in our consumer society have “educated” some of us to take our own shopping bags to the store and to practice other means of waste reduction and recycling.

I generally support such efforts. 

However, a recent experience at one of our local grocery stores really broke me up! 

I went in to buy one item…a box of graham crackers. I paid $3.00 cash and told them that I did not need a bag.

Fair enough.

But Wow! Look at the receipt and coupons the purchase generated…

Wanna Bag for that receipt?  Yep


2 thoughts on “Wanna Bag For That Receipt?

  1. Omigosh! And who can find the right coupon when you finally need that particular product? And how about all the plastic bags you get when yor forget to take your bag? I used to wonder if the cashiers were paid based on the number of bags they used!

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