Camera Obscura Futura Lens…See the future

The Internationale Instituto De Vino Wino, Petaluma’s famous but fictional wine institute, is pleased to announce that Anvil Adams, notorious photographer, has joined our Instituto.

Anvil came to us as part of a work release program a few weeks ago.  We first tested his abilities by sending him out on an assignment to photograph the grape harvest at Petaluma’s Que Syra Garagiste Vineyards. He is now working on editing the photos of the grape harvest and we will report on them next week.

Anvil, however, has some very unusual camera gear! He has a special camera lens–a Camera Obscura Futura Lens to be precise.  While he has not perfected the focusing technique for looking into the future, he has produced some very interesting photos of our currency in the future.

We thought we should share his photos…

Officers & Staff  of The Internationale Instituto De Vino Wino

La Centre de l’Experience du Vin de Petaluma 

Chief Wino &  Solo Vine Manager (We have only one vine)–Frank

Official Photographer–Anvil Adams
First Secretary-Vinnie Parducci
Second Secretary- Guido Marcucci
Third Secretary-Gustav Von Da Vee
Treasurer-Minnie Da Moocher
Counsel–Horace Rumpole of Chateau Fleet Street Claret
Vat & Barrel Managers-Jay Gaulo
Restaurant Manager-Al Fresco
Food Director–Sushi Tira-Misu
Director, Financial Planning-Two Fingers (as in “a-one-a,” “a-two-a”) Sabastiani
Director of Protocol & Arbiter of Taste–Marthe Stuarda
Tour Director-Expresso Camino Freeway
Movie & Video Critic-Francois Fjord
Bouncer–Sumo Cum Laude “Big Fish” Sashimi
Chats du Vin Extraordinaire—Hannah Sue & Gracie Mae (The Claret Kitties)
Tristan E. Isolde-Director of Cheap & Trashy Personal Counseling
Enchy Latta—Director of Catering
Jerry Attrick–Senior Citizen Wine Consultant


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