The Mighty Midget revisited…

In A Visit to the Mighty Midget… I presented a brief photo tour of the WW II gunboat on Mare Island.

In this post, I am including additional photos. Post production changes and edits were few and far between except for the last photo, which I tinkered with to create a late light profile from a midday photo. Hey! I have to do it some of the time to justify the photo software!

As with the photos in the first article, they are reduced versions.  Full sized versions, without the watermark, are available. Contact for information. 


6 thoughts on “The Mighty Midget revisited…

  1. Great pics Frank! My, they’ve done a GREAT job of cleaning and painting. Now, you’ve got my couriosity up….goin’ to Mare Island for a personal look-peek.

  2. Great pics!!! Did the city council say the ship could stay??? I hope so, they would truely lose an historic piece of the battles waged in the Pacific during WWII if they don’ where is it now?

  3. Its currently at Mare Island. No approval as of yet. They want to make sure that it will not be a burden on the City.

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