2010 Gravenstein Apple Fair…an eclectic micro view

From time to time, we venture outside the borders of Petaluma…and so it was on August 14, when we went to the Gravenstein Apple Fair in Sebastopol. 

For those living outside of Sonoma County or California, this is a big event.  The newspaper reports an expected attendance of 20,000 people for the weekend event.

As in the past, the event was well-organized and extremely efficient in moving people and parking cars.  This year had an added plus as the temperatures were well below the normal 90 degrees plus.

I am not going to report on the many food booths, art & craft booths, antique engines, musicians, wine, etc. I will report on three items:

  • A photographer
  • A “neighbor dispute” between a llama and Angora goats
  • A wine glass


Cindy Garza 

Although I am a camera enthusiast, I seldom pay much attention to photo booths at events such as these.  One booth caught my attention given the variety of photos as well as their quality–particularly some of the macro close-ups as well as several scenes from a recent trip to Africa.

For the first time, we bought prints and had a conversation with the photographer, Cindy Garza of Santa Rosa. You can find out more about Cindy on her web site Cindy Garza Photography 

While her web site features mostly portraits, she has quite a wide variety of photographic skills and capabilities.

Frankly, I am not sure she realizes just how good she really is…!

                                   (Emily)                                       (Cindy)   


Domesticated animals are a mainstay of an event such as this. Of course, I had to find a “story” in the photos…


This was the 100th Gravenstein festival or fair as evidenced by the logo on the souvenir wine glass. This year they used something other than the traditional wine glass.  It was a “plastic” goblet, made, as best I understand it, from “organic” plant materials. Specs & info below…

I will continue to use the wine glass and perhaps report as to its lifespan in a future post. As an aside, it reminds me somewhat of a portable picnic cup made out of brass that was popular in the middle of the last century…


3 thoughts on “2010 Gravenstein Apple Fair…an eclectic micro view

  1. I remember that cup — was fascinated by it. Can you set it down w/liquid in it, or do you have to hold it until your drink is gone?

    • The “best practice” (and the only one that would ensure that you not get wet) was to hold the cup at all times by the top rim. Setting it down usally resulted in it collapsing 10 out of 10 times.

      By the bye, the photos are not stock–they are of one of the cups that I happen to have inheritied from my parents. Finally found a use for it in this article.

  2. As always Frank, your perspective is unique! If I’d known you were going, I’d have suggested you stop by to heckle my oldest son who was serving wood oven Pizza Politano to the swarms. It must have been a good crowd, they sold out!

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