Petaluma’s 13th Police K-9 Trials…K-9 Stars!

And so it was last Saturday, August 7, 2010 when Police K-9 teams from around California came to “show their stuff” and participate in the K-9 competition held in Petaluma.*

The weight range for a K-9 runs from 65 to 90 pounds. Petaluma’s Rico & Kilo are listed at 65 pounds and Petaluma’s newest K-9, Tango, weighs in at 82 pounds.

I made no attempt to record who won the various competitions–obediance, search, agility and protection. To my untrained eye, all the K–9 teams appeared to have an abundance of ability in all categories.

This year I was better prepared for my attempt to capture some “action” photos. This is not to say that the photos are professional quality, but they at least qualify as decent snapshots and for inclusion in photo collages… 

 K-9 “Portraits”

A closer look…

 Petaluma’s Tango & Handler, Corie Joerger

* “This event is not augmented by any public funding, as all proceeds are raised through donations, t-shirt sales and sponsors, as well as staffed by law enforcement volunteers and their families. All proceeds beyond the cost of presenting the trial are returned to the Petaluma Police K-9 Program in the form of training and equipment” Dan Fish, Chief of Police

3 thoughts on “Petaluma’s 13th Police K-9 Trials…K-9 Stars!

  1. Great pics Frank. I’ve been taking photos of dogs in action for years. Before the digital camera, so you can imagine how much film I’ve wasted. Lol. I didn’t hear about this but will see ya out there next time.

    Thank you,

    • OH, do I understand what you mean about “wasting” film. There are some things I miss about the “film” medium, but on balance I love the digital format!!

      As for next year, just keep your eye out for the banners around town announcing the date. While the start time is usually 9:00 am, things don’t really get going until an hour or so later.

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