Petaluma’s Classic Wings & Wheels

Today was the second Classic Wings & Wheels show at the Petaluma Airport. I got there early to get ahead of the heat later in the day and to capture a few pixs!

I will let the camera tell the rest of the story…

Just in case the crowd got too rowdy, they were prepared…

NOTE: For larger views of some of these photos plus a few others, go to Pixels of Petaluma (2010) and scroll to the end of the page.


3 thoughts on “Petaluma’s Classic Wings & Wheels

  1. Thank You Frank for posting the pictures! I’m sending the link to a friend in Rancho Cordova, CA. He asked me long ago when this was going to take place…I neglected to inform him. Next Year!

  2. Awesome pics, Frank, had hoped to make it across town for this show, but ended up at Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue for the 2pm Saturday tour with my youngest son, who may well be the next Gerald Durrell! Post to follow!

  3. Great pics, Frank! Brought back memories of my first car, a 1933 Chevy coupe with rumble seat. Bought it from a little old lady in Pasadena [honest!] and it was in mint condition at the time [1949]. I drove it from LA to Chicago, with nary a mechanical problem, and it only burned 1 quart of oil. Sadly, 4 years of Chicago weather took it’s toll, and I had to replace it.

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