Petaluma’s Art & Garden Show — My Take

Petaluma’s Art & Garden Festival is one of my favorite events–particularly if it is not boiling hot.  Fortunately, this year, last Sunday was a perfect day to walk through the show in downtown Petaluma.

Of course there are the usual crowd scenes that one is obliged to document…

However, I am always on the alert for the unusual and was amazed that nobody took note of the super large tie dye shirt hanging from a light pole over the show… *

My, it was big! They must have had to get a permit to hang it up there.

As we were leaving, I heard a mewing sound and looked down to see two alpacas. Of course, I had to get a few photos…

The alpacas were show stoppers as people came up to talk to the handlers.  Physically they are about the size of a Great Dane. They tolerated the human curiosity quite well and one was determined to have a snack, which was kept in a pouch by one of the handlers…

All in all, a good time–and yes, we did buy something for the garden.

*NOTE: Of course, the shirt photo is an illusion. It was not created using Adobe Photoshop.  As it happened, there was a booth with this shirt on display. I merely aligned the shirt’s pole with  the light pole in the background.