Busting Up The Patio–Part IV 1/2

Not quite ready for the “final, final” in this series. However, I can provide an interim report in this post! 

As of yesterday afternoon the “official construction” was completed. Of course, there is the usual clean-up and moving back into our new outdoor environment.

Quite a bit of the concrete that was not used has been picked up by someone wanting to build a patio using them as pavers. One load has been taken to recycling and the rest will be gone next week.  It was in the Petaluma tradition of, if you want to get rid of something, just ask or post a “Free” sign on it…

This week I will put together a final report and perhaps a few more photos.

Until next week, I offer a…


3 thoughts on “Busting Up The Patio–Part IV 1/2

  1. Oh it is looking great! I love the cobble stone feel it has. I grew up in Germany the land of cobblestones. So will you be growing any creeping thymes in the cracks of some of the pavers…they give it a charming old fashion look and smell great plus can take the foot traffic quite well.

    • You are pretty close to the mark with your reference to growing up in Germany. The landscape designer (Susan Garbert) told us the use of the cobblestones with the “recycled” pavers in the final design was inspired by the work of Hundertwasser in Vienna.

  2. Really creative for your type of landscaping & I like the idea of re-using the concrete in that fashion.

    But…I’m a typical Midwesterner & still need lots of green in my life.

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