Lucchesi Turtle(s) Update

In early April, I posted an article that contained a close-up of a turtle on the sidewalk in Petaluma’s Lucchesi Park (See Lucchesi Turtle…Soaking up some rays!)

Knowing absolutely nothing about turtles, I named it BT (Big Turtle).  After searching through a few books, my wife discovered that it was a Western Pond Turtle

As it turns out, BT is not alone.  A few weeks ago I noticed a bump or lump on the pontoon dock in the middle of the lake.  I could not make it out, so I grabbed my camera and zoomed in on the dock.

Voila! There was “my” turtle!

I took a photo.

As I was setting up for another photo, I noticed another turtle coming out of the water. 

Then a third turtle arrived on scene…

It does appear that the third turtle is a different species. Notwithstanding, they were gathering together to soak up some rays!


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  1. I like it. It’s clear, organized and user friendly. The pics are beautiful. One never knows whats in that pond and it’s nice to know there’s something in there besides trash.

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