A Mysterious Face In The Bucket

This post is a break from my Blog Break to briefly report on a recent experience generated by my photography class at the Petaluma Arts Center.

I was practicing various settings, shooting macros, and all that technical stuff to see what worked for me and what did not. On a recent rainy day, as I was coming inside, I decided to shoot a quick pix of a bucket that was collecting rainwater.  I gave it no thought whatsoever. I just wanted to see how the camera captured the light on the water surface–no attention was given to framing, composition, etc.

Later when I downloaded it, it drove me crazy…

 ©2010 Frank Simpson

So what is the source of the face?

  • Do we in fact have spirits lurking in another Petaluma dimension (past, present, or future) trying to communicate with us?
  • Is this part of a new campaign for or against the water rate initiative in November?

Can you figure it out?

It was not my reflection as I did not look through the viewfinder. I just held the camera over the bucket and took the pix as I was walking into the house. It was intended to be a throw-away test photo.

There is a simple explanation (and it is not Photo Shop) that I will provide after the class is over. We finally figured it out. Frankly, I am glad we did as it was starting to be just a little too creepy.

To see a larger version, click on the photo above.