Lucchesi Turtle…Soaking up some rays!

Over the last few years I have managed to “capture” several “wildlife” photos in Lucchesi Park–an 8 point buck, pelicans, otters, and a great blue heron.

In March, I added another species to my photo collection. I had observed it once before; however, it disappeared before I could get my camera ready.  The creature is quite shy and, in spite of the popular mythology that it is slow, it can vanish into  the shelter of water in  seconds.

I returned  again and again until finally, on March 14, I managed to sneak up on it and get a few pixs…

I decided to name it “BT” (Big Turtle) for lack of a better idea. As it was a warm, sunny morning, BT was out soaking up the sun…

To be sure, BT is a turtle of some size….

However, this photo may give some perspective and sense of scale…

NOTE: Clicking on any photo will open it to larger size…at least it does on my computer! Clicking again on the photo will open a full screen image.

2 thoughts on “Lucchesi Turtle…Soaking up some rays!

  1. Frank Great photos! Thanks for the nature study.
    By the way, an 8 point buck would be remarkable. Are you counting the points on the left and right? I suspect what you photographed was a 4 point buck [that is, 4 points on each side].

    • Excellent point! Proof that I am not a deer expert. I could say that he had a Big Rack, but that might get me in trouble also 😉

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