City Hall–Gone to Seed? UPDATE!

In my earlier post on the new City Hall landscape (See City Hall–Gone to Seed?) I said: “It was not clear to me who was going to oversee the (ongoing) maintenance of the new landscape.  At the time I thought it might be a volunteer group, but I later learned that maintenance was to be the responsibility of the City of Petaluma.”

As an elaboration on this point, I received an e-mail from Jane Hamilton of Rebuilding Together Petaluma (RTP) which adds further detail. It is included here with Jane’s permission…

“Rebuilding Together Petaluma was to supply the volunteers and event management, Daily Acts was to supply the expertise, training and design input, and Petaluma Bounty was to provide expertise, design input and ongoing oversight and maintenance of the vegetable planter boxes and community garden portion,  while maintenance and completion of the grounds surrounding City Hall was to be the sole responsibility of the City of Petaluma, as is the maintenance of all of their properties. The non-profits involved did their part beautifully. Now that its spring, I am sure the City must have imminent plans to fulfill their part.”

With respect to the last sentence in Jane’s e-mail, I hope that is the case.


4 thoughts on “City Hall–Gone to Seed? UPDATE!

  1. I hope maintenance doesn’t include herbicide. And what’s up with the water catchment tanks? are they hooked up????

    • A month ago they were not. When I visited in March at the downspouts were connected to the tanks. As to the operatiional I haven’t a clue.

      As to the herbicide, it is my understanding that it was stopped.

  2. Hi Frank,

    If you think city hall is bad, you should take a look at the maintenance (or lack thereof) by the city of Arroyo Park. It is an absolute disgrace. Tons of weeds are growing out of the sand under both play structures (complete with bees buzzing around in the weeds) and the slide had feces on it last Sunday morning. This park also has the most dangerous and outdated playground equipment in town.

  3. Dear Frank, the maintenance for all the things you refer to are (normally) paid for from WE THE PEOPLE’s COMMONS FUND, namely taxes. As the super wealthy have paid less and less of their share in the past 30 years, more and more of the tax burden is placed on “ordinary” folks, or falls by the wayside as too expensive to perform. The maintenance you are referring to falls into the category of too expensive for a PEOPLE’s COMMONS when not all the people are paying their fare share of the commons costs.A few other things, like health care fall into this category. Ask us anytime. We’ll explain it all.

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