Peet’s Coffee–New Greeters, Ginger & Bronx

For those who follow this blog, you may recall past articles about Murphy & Max at Noah’s Bagels. I can report that they are doing well. However, this Sunday morning I spotted a new potential canine attraction at Peet’s Coffee a few yards away.

Just outside the door at Peet’s, I encountered Ginger & Bronx (aunt & nephew) on station as greeters. They served to brighten up a cloudy morning…

Hi! Welcome to Peet’s…

Check on the pastries…and…if you might…perhaps a dog biscuit for us?

You all come back!


4 thoughts on “Peet’s Coffee–New Greeters, Ginger & Bronx

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    • It was by pure chance that I encountered Ginger & Bronx. Now I will keep my eye out for them to see if their personalities and faces present other photo opportunities.

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