New California DMV Driver’s Test!

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: It is Saturday Nite (Sunday Morning on the WordPress Server) and the staff and officers of the Famous But Fictional Petaluma’s Internationale Instituto De Vino Wino have taken over this blog.


The Research Department at the Instituto De Vino Wine has developed a simplified  written examination for the California DMV!

In these days of the Great Recession and budget deficits,  we propose a single question essay test to reduce DMV administrative costs and help balance the state budget…


Q–Which of the following road signs should you ignore and which should you obey…and in what order?

CLUE–As with most things in California, there are no right or wrong answers…unless you give the wrong answer.

Good luck!

Respectfully submitted,

Petaluma’s Internationale Instituto De Vino Wino

  • Chief Wino &  Solo Vine Manager (We have only one vine)–Frank
  • First Secretary-Vinnie Parducci
  • Second Secretary- Guido Marcucci
  • Third Secretary-Gustav Von Da Vee
  • Treasurer-Minnie Da Moocher
  • Counsel–Horace Rumpole of Chateau Fleet Street Claret
  • Vat & Barrel Managers-Jay Gaulo
  • Restaurant Manager-Al Fresco
  • Food Director–Sushi Tira-Misu
  • Director, Financial Planning-Two Fingers (as in “a-one-a,” “a-two-a”) Sabastiani
  • Director of Protocol & Arbiter of Taste–Marthe Stuarda
  • Tour Director-Expresso Camino Freeway
  • Movie & Video Critic-Francois Fjord
  • Bouncer–Sumo Cum Laude “Big Fish” Sashimi
  • Chats du Vin Extraordinaire—Hannah Sue & Gracie Mae (The Claret Kitties)
  • Director of Cheap & Trashy Personal Counseling–Tristan E. Isolde
  • Director of Catering–Enchy Latta
  • Senior Citizen Wine Consultant–Jerry Attrick

3 thoughts on “New California DMV Driver’s Test!

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  2. Thanks for all the good tips, Frank, I have just signed myself up for the Sonoma County Superior Court approved for the first and only opportunity I have had to ramp it up over 65 on the freeway in many months. “Are you sure?” I enquired of the business-like CHP officer when he announced that I was driving over 70 mph. Somehow the British charm seemed to fail me on this occasion.

    • Ouch! WOuld it have helped if Ginger & Bronx had been on board? They charmed me at Peet’s. Maybe they would have helped with the CHP.

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