Huzzah, Hooray & Hallelujah

The City of Petaluma’s web page has a new feature I think you are going to like. They have added a new menu that will make it easier to…

  • Find answers to your questions
  • Report concerns
  • File complaints

FROM THE  CITY’S WEB PAGE: ” New ! – Check out the “I want to…” pulldown menu on the upper left. We want to make things easier to find. If you have a suggestion, contact Webmaster

Take a few moments to examine the various options on the new menu.

This new feature goes a long way towards addressing the suggestions raised in Petaluma’s State Of The Union–Part II

For all I know, it was there when I posted the suggestions in my blog. 

If so, my bad.

But what is important is that it is there and you should use it!

A big thanks to the staff for putting it together!