Work Continues on St. James Community Garden

Just a quick update…

Despite the rains, volunteers have managed to continue their work on the new community garden at St. James Catholic Church….

The full scope and scale of the project are starting to emerge…

A recent e-mail from Lois Pearson serves nicely as a progress report:

We finished planting the children’s garden and cleared the section going out of the parking lot. The main thing is to keep all the areas weeded right now.
We have plans for the 3rd section now and will be on the look out for free dirt to build up the area. It is retaining a lot of standing water in certain areas. If you know of a source please let me know.
Next Saturday (February 13) we will be sowing seeds for summer planting in our next section. It will be at the garden between 10 and 3. We will move under the over hang if it is raining. They will then be transported to Gatti Nursery to grow.