St. James Sprouts A Garden Part I

In late December, I happened to notice an unusual but nonetheless familiar site on the grounds of St. James Catholic Church in Petaluma.

Aha! Mulch and compost! 

Of course I had to enter the grounds to see what was going on. In doing so, I discovered the beginnings of mulched/composted beds and raised beds as well as the construction outlines of a very large landscaping project…

My Mulch Correspondent instincts were fully activated.  In short order, I discovered a major community garden project by the parishioners of St. James.  The results of my “investigation” will be reported in Part II of this series on January 18.

As a partial tease, I offer this closing note–The garden will be almost 3/4 of an acre  in size and will include the cultivation of vegetables grown from heirloom seeds. For those who can’t wait until the next article on January 18, contact  Lois Pearson 763-8467, or Stacy Arancio 769-8657, 


2 thoughts on “St. James Sprouts A Garden Part I

  1. Hi Frank:

    Beds are almost all planted in the NE section…lot’s more green in them now. All organic. Lovely day out there today! My heaven!!!!!!!!

    Mari Philo

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