A Petaluma Christmas Carol…2009–Revisited

In A Petaluma Christmas Carol…2009 (December 6, 2009) I reported as follows:

In 2007, the day after Christmas, I posted “A Petaluma Christmas Carol” on Petaluma 360. That article was based on a homeless camp that included Christmas decorations and a Christmas Tree.

I visited the location in December 2008 and there was no camp. Therefore, I reposted the article in its original form.

As part of the review process for this year, I returned to the site on December 3. A homeless camp similar to the one in 2007 had once again been established. This time it included a household pet with feeding dishes…

At the time I published the 2009 Christmas Carol, there was no Christmas Tree.  However….

I happened to be passing by the location early on December 19, 2009 and noticed that the camp was still in place.  This time, however, I also noted that the Christmas tree has once again been established. While not as elaborate as the 2007 tree, it is still  a testament to our times and evidence that people will honor the season in even the most difficult of circumstances…


2 thoughts on “A Petaluma Christmas Carol…2009–Revisited

  1. Touching, Frank. I was glad one year to arrange for trees, gifts and food for the COTS families. Very satisfying. Also feeding people at Glide Memorial – and Jerry Price points out – the Lions Club feeds for homeless folk. Don’t have to look far to find a way to help. I’ll just bring a bag of food to the kitchen tomorrow and then look for a way to help UNICEF.

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