Petaluma Politics–Campaign 2010

While the election focus in California in 2010 will be on the Governor’s race, things look to be more than interesting on the home front in Petaluma. 

In case you have not been keeping score, the Mayor and two members of the Petaluma City Council have announced  they are running for County Supervisor.  This, of course, generates much speculation as to the ultimate make up of the City Council and who will be Mayor after the final votes are counted in November. And lest we forget, the Water Rate Initiative is on the ballot again!

Petalumans, realizing that past is prologue, are bracing for the ordeal…

Local water fowl are seeking cover…

How will I cope?

First, I now offer my sincere condolences to the ultimate winners.

Second, I offer congratulations in advance to the losers for dodging the bullet.

Finally, I make the following pledge to Petaluma’s Committee on the Shelterless (COTS), the Petaluma Animal Shelter, and Rebuilding Together Petaluma (RTP)…

  • For each candidate mailer received, I will donate $1 to each of these organizations
  • For each party or slate mailer, I will donate $.25 to each of these organizations
  • For each campaign e-mail, I will donate $.05 to each of these organizations
  • For each robo call, I will DEDUCT $.50

The final numbers will be counted and posted on this site after the November election.