An erratic, eclectic walk…with camera

Petaluma Downtown Thanksgiving Week 2009

…A random walk about town following the light and scenes that attracted my eye–by no means a comprehensive survey of Petaluma’s downtown…

The preceding is just a fancy way of saying I wanted to try out a new camera and Downtown Petaluma was my first victim.  

The 27 photos in this post may be viewed by scrolling down the page. While not necessary, some photos are easier to view if you set your browser  to full screen.  In the alternative, you can simply click on a photo and it will appear in a separate window.

Unfortunately, the photos in this post cannot be fully appreciated on handheld devices. They’re suitable for laptops and above only.

By the way, the first photo is a collage to highlight the features of the building facade…



3 thoughts on “An erratic, eclectic walk…with camera

    • The cam is a Fuji S1500 with an 8 gig high speed chip. The most important feature is the lens with 10 times optical zoom plus the ability to manually control the settings–the latter of course is more thant tricky. Now off to stake out Lucchesi (freezing!) to try and capture some closeups of the otters. Yup, they’re back!

  1. Make sure the otters don’t go to Schollenberger…they’ll trap ’em & kill ’em.

    Your pictures are GREAT Frank. With a 10X zoom you can pick off a flea on a feral cat…oops, forgot…no feral cats in Petaluma, kill all of them too.

    Seriously, you’re getting darned good with the camera. With all thos settings and adjustments with the zoom, apature and shutter speeds, you’re gonna really have some fun. One good thing….with a ditital camera its easy to toss a shot away that doesn’t work out. I don’t know how much I paid for my education in picture taking playing with a 35mm SLR buying film and having it developed……I don’t want to know. LOL

    I see that you did find some grafitti in one of the pics….old habits die hard…. 🙂

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