Valley Vista’s Harvest Fair

The Valley Vista Elementary Harvest Fair is an annual event to raise funds to support the Teaching Garden at the school. This year it had the added flavor of being on Halloween.

But how likely is it for an East Side Blogger to cover a harvest fair on the far West Side? Not very, unless several strong hints come over-the-transom before Halloween. And come they did…

  • First, there was Frances Rivetti’s Blog on the upcoming Halloween Harvest Fair
  • Next, I heard mention of it several times during the lawn transformation project at City Hall on October 24
  • Finally, Susan Garbert sent me a flyer promoting the Valley Vista Harvest Fair– “Aztec Dance, Pancake B-fast, Baker Creek
    Seed & Cricket Landscapes, Gardening demos, Native Plant Sale,
    Pumpkin Pie Sale, Crafts and Costume Parade.”

All of these hints played into my general fondness for Valley Vista Elementary as I had worked there as a poll worker through six elections.

So, I grabbed my Mulch Correspondent gear and set out for Valley Vista last Saturday morning.

…Of course, I shot a few photos…

Crowd Collage 2Croud Collage 1In THe Garden Collage


Harvest Fair Cam 1 010Garbert Collage

Aztec Dancers

Aztec 2Aztec 1Aztec 4


Raffle CollagePrincipal Collage

According to the Valley Vista Web Site: 

“In 2000, we broke ground on one of the first teaching gardens in the county. With a newly hired Garden Coordinator, we set out to educate our students about nutrition, ecology, health, life cycles of plants, cooking, and all the other wonderful lessons a teaching garden offers.”

“Currently, our kids all have 30 minutes of garden instruction  weekly focused on cooking/nutrition, stewardship (planting, garden maintenance, recycling etc.) and science. We have two 10 week programs running in the Fall and Spring.”


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  1. Fantastic post, Frank, Valley Vista was honored to have you there as most esteemed visitor for the morning! I read the Argus cover to cover this morning, and must agree, we do live here in Petaluma in interesting times!

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