A Neighborhood Story

In Molly shows the way… I discussed an upcoming event for residents on our street.  The idea for the “potluck block party” came about because two neighbors met during a successful rescue of a dog who broke out of her collar…Molly.

Originally scheduled for October 3, it was rescheduled to October 4.  As it turns out, it was a fortunate change in date as the weather on Sunday was much nicer than the day before.

Permit in hand from the Department of Public Works and street barricades provided by the City, we started setting up wondering if anyone would come…

Sunday Octo 4 2009 007

They did! There are 16 occupied homes on our street and thirty-five people from 12 of the homes were able to attend. They brought tables, umbrellas and, of course, great food.  For a few hours, the street was converted into a large outdoor restaurant with people eating, talking, and getting to know each other.

I will have much more to say about this in future posts after I have a chance to sort through the photos and gather my thoughts. I will, however, allow you to see my “million dollar” photo from the day…

Sunday Octo 4 2009 068


6 thoughts on “A Neighborhood Story

  1. Frank great picture choice. Thanks to the Public works Dept without their help, this wonderful day would have never happened. Old and new families meeting and enjoy a great day together. This is what Petaluma is known for, we can make it like that again. Neighbors helping neighbors. This was all done on a accidental meeting of two neighbors talking and a lot of help from a little dog named Molly.

  2. Frank: Thanks for sharing this news about your initial and very successful Rene Drive block party. JB is right on when he states, “This what Petaluma is known for.” Over the years, many neighborhoods have organized similar events; particularly if the neighborhood is a new one. And they do continue, over the years, if the neighborhood spirit is there. Congratulations to the Rene Drive neighbors; keep it up.
    The Sage of Petaluma II

  3. Sorry I couldn’t be there to share in the fellowship and the great food. Thanks to Jean for the original thought for a get together and to Frank and his organizational skills to put it all together. Let’s not let this event fall through the cracks in the future.

  4. Thanks, Dick for the kind words. It was truly a delightful day. I was very pleased at the turn out. Met your Mom and talked to Pat. But was sorry you couldn’t make it. Frank reasured us all, that he was in charge to bring some of the wonderful food to you. I would like to continue having these get togethers. Rene Drive is truly a wonderful block to live on. I have been here 41 years and plan on staying as long as God wills me to.

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