Petaluma Recession Visions…October 2009

Nationally, the “Great Recession” has been generating job losses, foreclosures, stalled economic indicators, etc.

Petaluma’s neighborhoods, of course, are not immune as these photos demonstrate.


Foreclosed & Forgotten…Foreclosed Forgotten

$3 Gas…

Super Bike Rack

 Real Estate Tilt….For Sale Tilt


2 thoughts on “Petaluma Recession Visions…October 2009

  1. Jungle Guy, Wayne, points out that real, median income has gone down from $53k to $51k approx. This means a reduction in income to 2000 rates – a ten year loss of income! Still, being an optimist, I feel we are in the midst of a shift to better things – healthy, beautiful LOCAL LIVE food instead of industrial food. Hard choice! I like Trader Joe’s instant dinners – but shifting to roasted veggies and soon that we grow ourselves on our 2.3 acres on Skillman.

  2. Sorry it took so long for me to reply. Been a little hectic lately. I agree that we are “in the midst of a shift” or, as some would have it, reaching for a “new” normal. Transitions are always painful. At the risk of sounding pompous, this one will be a test of our individual, as well as our national character.

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