9:00 AM–Do you know where your bed is?

Over the years I have witnessed and photographed many an interesting scene in P-Town. 

…Just when I think I have seen everything…

Tuesday morning, August, 25, 2009, I encountered the following in the parking lot of the former Mervyn’s store…

August 23 2009 004

Of course, one can think of many possible captions for this scene and readers are more than welcome to offer their own…August 23 2009 003

Perhaps this is a sign that a furniture store is going to move into the former Mervyn’s building! If so, they already have a potential customer…

August 23 2009 005

In the alternative, perhaps we are looking at a bed-napping victim?


2 thoughts on “9:00 AM–Do you know where your bed is?


    Frank, Garage Sales and Flea Markets are very popular and I assume the lady looking at the bed, was getting an early look at something that arrived early for the sale. That parking lot is a great place for this type of event. I guess someone decided to get it started for this weekend. I’ll check it out early Sat

  2. Frank, you’ve got it obviously all wrong. that is no bed. that is a vehicle disguised to look like a bed. it is obviously neatly and properly parked in a parking space. and like vehicles in big cities, it has been stripped of its wheels, and drive shaft, and seat, and steering.

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