Lucchesi’s Still & Stagnant Waters–Redux

On July 12, I published photos and comments on the sorry conditions around our Community Center and the Lucchesi Pond. (Click Here)

On July 25, I noticed that the fountains were finally in operation after being out of service since last winter…Publication1

I can also report that the level of duck & goose poop on the sidewalks has once again been reduced to “manageable” levels.  Ducks & geese being what they are, there is always going to be some poop for pedestrians to navigate.

Huzzahs to the City for bringing this to pass in these tough budget times!

However, the pond is going to require ongoing maintenance and that will be a challenge in the months ahead.  The debris & algae build up is significant…

Fountains Online 005Fountains Online 002

Obviously, the challenge is still before us…