E-Cycling (Electronics Recycling)

The recent City sponsored recycling event on July 18 & 19 at the Community Center rounded up a considerable inventory of obsolete or broken e-gear.  All manner of  cell phones, computers, monitors & televisions were hauled in for recycling.

According to Jan Rice of Universal Waste Management (Web Site) well over 400 people came through the lines.

 According to Jan… 

  • “We filled 8 trucks for a Total  estimated 50,000- 60,000 lbs of E-waste.”
  • “35 pallets of CRT’s were collected at an average of 1000 lbs each- so we collected 35,000 lbs of CRT (tv’s and monitors) which is nearly 10,000 lbs MORE than our last event-in January!!!!!!”
  • “I think the MOST important thing to note is that nothing is shipped to LAND-FILLS. “

Jluly 18 2009 003

In addition, the recycling event also added clothing/textiles/shoes as items that would be accepted for recycling.

Jan reports that:

  • “Over 7,200,000,000 lbs of Clothing, Textiles, etc. were dumped in landfills last year. (based on EPA estimates) which is absolutely HORRIBLE. All of the textile, clothing, etc. we collect is recycled.” 
  • “We take everything back to our facility where it is separated.  What can be “Re-Used” will be donated or sold for re-use. There is  material that cannot be re-used, for hygiene reasons, damage, etc. It will be recycled in a process that is similar to paper recycling which is basically soaked until the materials start to break down to fibers so that they can then be re-made into new product… like stuffing for futons, for example…or non-toxic insulation for houses and things like that.” 
All in all a very successful operation. Congratulations to those who made it possible and to all those who took the time to bring the items for recycling!
In closing, there might have been a bit of confusion as to the nature of the event. It was  for Recycling–Not Unicycling…
Super Unicycle Collage

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