Petaluma Instituto Wins Vino Award!!

The staff at the Instituto are pleased to announce that we are the recipient of an award for ground breaking vino research.

The anonymous award and equally anonymous prize came in this morning’s mail.

Vino Award

To the Internationale Instituto De Vino Wino for its  ground breaking research on how light-sensitive packaging (a.k.a., “special” bags)  improves the bouquet and legginess of  $2 muscatel – an insouciant little wine with a small, but discriminating following in Flushing, NY.  This research also contributed to the refinement of the unified field theory and cold fusion research in nuclear physics.

Insituto Researcher hard at work on the the next vino project…developing instant wine powder.  Just add water to the little crystals…Publication1

Se son e‘ vero e‘ ben trovato… “If it’’s not true,  it’s essentially true”

Copywrong 2009 by the Internationale Instituto De Vino Wino